CV, Research, Academic, and Teaching

See my CV for an in depth history of my academic activities.

My current research activities are in Bioinformatics, on phylogenetic networks. This work is an application of my interests in algorithms and graph theory. I am also interested in complexity theory and other theory of computing topics like automata, and formal languages. See a more in depth summary of my research of my current project. I am supervised by Dr. Olivier Tremblay-Savard in the Bioinformatics Labratory at UM.

See my formal publication list in my CV or on the following virtual profiles. Google Scholar. ORCiD.

See my teaching statements and qualifications. My teaching interests started in pedagogy culminating at the start of my academic career in a semester placement in an elementary school. While I find myself following another route and changing majors away from Education, I still find myself connected to and attracted to teaching. I have continued to actively improve my knowledge and practice of andragogy.